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Childbirth information evening

Every month, we host 1 or 2 information evenings at our midwifery practice for all pregnant clients. If you are around 34 weeks pregnant, we recommend you attend the information evening with your partner. During the information evening, we tell you what you can expect during childbirth and how you can prepare yourselves for this.

Your partner

This is an exciting time for your partner too. Of course, he does not have to go through childbirth, but he would like to support you through the process. At the information evening, we explain what he can expect, what he can do, and what we expect of him.

The information evening

We cover diverse subjects during the information evening, including:

  • Where you can give birth
  • Childbirth itself
  • What to expect
  • When to call us
  • Pain relief options
  • Considerations
  • What we can do for you
  • The postnatal period

Going forward with confidence

We provide you with a great deal of practical information during the information evening. After all, it is useful to know what to expect so that you can prepare yourself. We believe self-confidence is important; ultimately, childbirth is down to you. We are there to support you from the first consultation and to give you confidence in your own body and ability. In that respect, we arrange everything we can for you. The information evening is part of that service, so you can approach childbirth with confidence.

Would you like to attend an information evening?

The evening itself lasts about 2 hours and is hosted at our midwifery practice at 41 Churchilllaan. We will invite you via a consultation, but you can of course always ask to attend an information evening. The information evening is considered highly informative and we cover all questions and issues in detail. Rest assured that no photographs or videos are shown.

Information evening in English

We also host information evenings in English, the first evening is May 23rd from 17.00 to 19.00 hours.