Birth Plan

Well-prepared for your delivery and a handy to-do list for pregnancy

If you are preparing for childbirth, there is a lot to consider. A personal birth plan helps you organize everything. Such a plan is very comprehensive; from a concrete and practical birth plan to your physical and mental preparation, including lists of things you need at home. We assist you with this during every consultation at our practice and provide tips in this blog.

Practical to-do list for pregnancy

A birth plan may sound like a strategy for your delivery, and in a way, it is. But it is more of a practical ‘to-do list’ for your pregnancy. It helps you to have everything arranged on time, get things at home, and prepare yourself well. And if things don’t go exactly as planned, which is often the case, that’s okay. The main goal of a birth plan is to help you not forget anything, which is something many expectant mothers can appreciate.

The Birth Plan

During your pregnancy, you can already prepare for the practical aspects of childbirth. You do this, among other things, with the birth plan; an overview in which you outline all the wishes of yourself and your partner. This includes the preferred place for giving birth, whether at home, in the Birth Center, or at the hospital. It also covers how you would like to give birth and whether you want to use the Doula service if you have to go to the hospital. You can also include in the birth plan what should or can happen when the baby is born, such as whether or not to have immediate visitors. Even though everything you plan now may unfold differently at the actual moment, it’s still good to think about what’s important to you beforehand. Our online birth plan will help guide you through this.

Everything at Home, Everything Ready

Also very practical, although not something in the birth plan, is ensuring that you have everything at home and ready. This includes the well-known hospital bag and all the items for the delivery itself and the postpartum period. And let’s not forget, enough onesies, muslin diapers, and anything else you want and need at home for when your baby is born. Buying these things now is much more enjoyable than right after giving birth, so make your list and enjoy some shopping!

Trust in Your Body

In addition to all the practical matters, it’s also important to prepare yourself well, mentally, such as trusting yourself and your body. Finding this challenging? We have a network of people who can help you with that. Workshops and informational sessions can also assist you in this regard. And, of course, we are here for you. During every consultation, we’re available to answer all your questions and guide you step by step so that you can feel confident that your body can handle this.

Physical Preparation

In your birth plan, you can also focus on physical preparation. This can be done in numerous ways; some prefer prenatal yoga, while others want to continue running for as long as possible, seeking guidance from a personal trainer to do so in a responsible and sensible manner. Again, it helps to think about it now and make preparations or appointments where necessary. For example, with a personal trainer experienced in working with pregnant women.

Your Birth Plan, Handy for the Midwife

How detailed your birth plan becomes is up to you. And who you share it with is also your choice. If you have specific wishes or ideas about the delivery or the postpartum period, it’s useful to inform your midwife. We can then take that into account during the delivery. If you need to be transferred to a gynecologist, we will also inform that doctor or ensure that the doula is called in if you’ve indicated that in your plan.

Want to Know More? Ask Our Midwives!

So, a birth plan is more than just the well-known birth plan. It’s not necessary, but it’s very useful. And if you have questions while creating your birth plan, you can always turn to us. We assist you in every aspect during your pregnancy so that you can start your delivery well-prepared and with confidence. Interested? Let’s get to know each other quickly, and make an appointment with one of the midwives from our practice.