Acupuncture in pregnancy

What can it do for you?

Acupuncture can be a valuable addition during pregnancy. It can relieve symptoms, bring relaxation and help you go into labor well prepared. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a safe treatment method that, although called alternative, benefits many pregnant women.

How does acupuncture work in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you may experience a variety of symptoms. Ranging from nausea and fatigue to back pain or even feelings of depression. Some pregnancy symptoms are the result of physical changes in your body during pregnancy. Other complaints arise because during pregnancy all your body’s energy is directed toward the development of your baby. If you have deficiencies or blockages somewhere that you otherwise have little or no problems with, they may suddenly appear during pregnancy. Acupuncture ensures that the energy can flow better again and thus supports the self-healing capacity of your body. It works using very small, thin needles. Depending on the complaints, they are placed in certain places on your body in order to restore the energy balance in your body.

Safe alternative

Acupuncture is painless, you feel almost nothing and it is safe for you and your baby. If you suffer a lot from typical pregnancy symptoms, this may be a solution. Especially during pregnancy, many women do not want to use paracetamol or other self-medication. Acupuncture can be a safe alternative for some complaints. However, this does not necessarily apply to medication that is prescribed by a doctor. Always consult that doctor and/or midwife first.

Acupuncture, a solution to many pregnancy complaints

Pregnancy complaints in which acupuncture can be used include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Pain in (lower) back and, or pelvis
  • Fatigue
  • Hard bellies
  • High blood pressure
  • Restless legs
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep problems
  • Pregnancy itch
  • Emotional problems

Also in preparation for childbirth

Acupuncture can be used at any stage of pregnancy. Because in addition to being applied to relieve symptoms, acupuncture is also used to prepare for childbirth. Those last few weeks of pregnancy are often already heavier. With acupuncture you then reduce the discomforts that may occur then. It is also used to soften the cervix. Furthermore, it seems that with the use of acupuncture, labor is more likely to start naturally, labor itself may be shorter and the labor pain is better tolerated. It can also help you relax better, something that is always good leading up to labor and during labor itself. If you want to use acupuncture in preparation for childbirth, it is recommended from 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Questions? Ask your midwife in Amsterdam-Zuid!

Would you also like to try acupuncture during your pregnancy? Always consult your midwife first and choose an acupuncturist who belongs to a recognized professional association. And do you still have questions about this? Then of course our midwives in Amsterdam-Zuid are ready to help you.