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The Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid practice

The midwives at our practice in Amsterdam-Zuid are here for you – fertile women and prospective fathers – before, during and after your pregnancy, with trusted and expert advice, and above all, with personal and professional support.

The Journey of Discovery

The period from wanting to conceive through the postnatal phase is a special time. It is a journey of discovery during which you learn that your body can do far more than you imagined possible and you will find that your confidence grows. It is literally a journey of discovery and we are here to guide you through it, whether you are looking to conceive, grappling with questions because of a prior miscarriage or difficult or traumatic event, or have just become pregnant and want expert support through childbirth and the period thereafter.

Support throughout pregnancy and childbirth

As midwives, we want for you to be able look back on your childbirth with satisfaction, regardless of whether it was at home under our supervision, at a hospital on an outpatient basis, or under the direct care of a gynaecologist. Your child deserves the best possible start and we will support you in that.

Personal and professional midwifery care

Our practice offers a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of flexibility in terms of your personal ideas and input. We ensure you are well informed so that you can make your own well-considered choices. Our midwifery care is personal, professional, and above all, tailored to your needs. Confidence is essential during this journey of discovery and we are here to give you that confidence.

2 sites in Amsterdam-Zuid

Our midwifery practice is based across 2 sites in Amsterdam South; 41 Churchilllaan and 176 Willemsparkweg. Our 5 midwives and 2 practice assistants are at your service day and night. We are always available to deal with childbirths or emergency situations on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm at one of our sites by appointment, or via our emergency number. Whichever location is most convenient for you, Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid offers all the support you need throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period.

Make an appointment

Would you like to meet us? Then contact us for an appointment. We would be delighted to be of assistance.


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