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Midwife consultations

Follow-up consultations with the midwife

After your first consultation and first trimester ultrasound scan, you will attend regular follow-up consultations at the midwifery practice. At each consultation, one of our midwives will answer all your questions, check your blood pressure and monitor the baby’s heartbeat. These appointments can be scheduled to suit you.

Checks during your consultation

As your pregnancy progresses, we also check the baby’s position. We test your blood Hb levels twice and your glucose levels once. Further blood tests will be conducted if indicated. Naturally, additional or more comprehensive consultations can be arranged.

Regular contact with the midwife throughout pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses, consultations will become more frequent. In general, we operate as follows:

  • Consultations every 6 weeks during the first few months
  • Consultations every 5 weeks at mid term, then every 4 weeks
  • Fortnightly consultations at 30 weeks
  • Weekly consultations at 37 weeks

Although it is not a medical requirement to have weekly consultations towards the end of your pregnancy, we would nevertheless like to see you at that frequency. That way, you will have met each of us on one or more occasions prior to childbirth and we would have built up a level of trust.

Ultrasound scans

When you come for your checks at our midwifery practice, you can also have various ultrasound scans taken throughout your pregnancy. We offer these in partnership with Echopraktijk-Zuid. Via our midwives, you can schedule follow-up ultrasounds, such as a nuchal fold measurement including blood tests and screening ultrasounds.

Meet our midwives in Amsterdam-Zuid

Would you like to know more about our approach before, during and after childbirth? Or would you like to meet with one of our midwives? Then contact us, we would be delighted to see you in Amsterdam-Zuid!