Working methods of Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid

Care that suits your needs

Every pregnancy and every delivery is unique, which means that our working methods are always different. Why? Because we provide the personal care that suits your needs. If you have questions about becoming pregnant, after you have taken a positive pregnancy test, up to and including the delivery and postnatal care. If you are pregnant in Amsterdam, the team of Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid is ready to help you!

Personal care during the pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period

We want you to look back on your delivery with great satisfaction, whether it took place at home under our guidance, in an outpatient clinic, or in the hospital under the direct guidance of a gynaecologist. In order to give your child the best possible start, we always offer personal care, before and during the pregnancy, during the delivery and in the postnatal period.

Midwife consultation

That personal care includes regular consultations with the midwife. It starts as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test. You can call or email us and we will set up an appointment for an initial consultation.

Initial consultation

The initial consultation is an extensive intake interview that takes about an hour. It would be good if your partner could accompany you to this consultation, as many important subjects will be discussed such as your health but also your medical history. During this consultation we will explain more about what to expect during the coming months, when to see us, the ultrasound scans and how you can reach us. Another thing we will do is advise you on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Follow-up consultations with the midwife

After the initial consultation you will regularly visit our midwifery clinic for a check-up. One of the midwives will answer all your questions and we will check your blood pressure and the growth and heartbeat of the baby. We will schedule these appointments to suit you. A follow-up consultation usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. A longer or additional consultation is always possible without any extra costs.

Check-ups during the consultation

When the pregnancy has reached a more advanced state, we will also check the position of the baby. The Hb level (iron) in your blood is measured on two occasions and we will check the glucose level once. Additional blood tests will only take place if there is a medical reason for these. Additional consultations between times or more extensive check-ups are always possible.

Regular contact with the midwife during the pregnancy

The further you progress in the pregnancy, the greater the frequency of the consultations. This usually takes place as follows:

  • In the first months every 6 weeks
  • Halfway through the pregnancy every 5 weeks and then every 4 weeks
  • From 30 weeks every 2 weeks
  • From 37 weeks every week

This method of care ensures that you meet all of us one or more times before the delivery and that a relationship of trust can develop.

Giving birth

Once the contractions have started, one of the midwives of our clinic will be there to provide guidance. Where you deliver depends on your preference and medical situation. Even if you want to deliver in the hospital, we can stay with you. If the situation changes and you have to be placed under the care of a gynaecologist, we will ensure a good transfer. Depending on when the transfer takes place, we may or may not attend the delivery. If you want us to stay, you can hire us to do so as an additional supervisor. When should you call us once the contractions have started? Read here.

Birth plan

A birth plan is a document in which you specify your wishes for the delivery. You write down how you would like your delivery to proceed so that the midwives and any other care providers can take this into account. There is a special template for this so that it is clear for every care provider. Incidentally, when your delivery starts you may have a complete change of mind. This is why we will always listen to your body so as not to disturb the natural process. A birth plan is therefore not mandatory and you can always deviate from it.

The postnatal period

During the postnatal period, we will regularly check up on you and your baby. If you are still at the hospital, we will only handle the aftercare.

Meeting the midwives at Amsterdam-Zuid

If you want to know more about the way we work before, during and after the delivery, or if you would like to meet one of our midwives, please get in touch with us. We would love to meet you in Amsterdam-Zuid!

What happens week-by-week during your pregnancy?

Positive pregnancy test? Call us and we will set up an appointment for the initial consultation.

Initial consultation. This takes about an hour during which all background information relating to you and your partner will be addressed. It will help us provide optimal guidance.

Vitality scan. This is not mandatory and will not be reimbursed. This scan can confirm the pregnancy.

Dating scan (term ultrasound), for everyone. This scan determines how far you have progressed in your pregnancy and what the approximate due date is.

A follow-up consultation with the midwife every 5-6 weeks. If you want to listen to the heartbeat between times, that can be arranged.

NT measurement (neck fold measurement). This ultrasound is not offered as standard but is only part of the combination test in the context of prenatal screening and is not covered by the basic health insurance, sometimes it is reimbursed from the supplementary insurance.

20-week scan. This is a screening scan that is covered by the basic national healthcare package.

A follow-up consultation every 5 weeks.

A follow-up consultation every 4 weeks.

Growth scan. This ultrasound scan checks the development of your child.

A follow-up consultation every 2 weeks.

Position scan. This ultrasound scan determines the position of your child.

Check-up by the midwife every week, until delivery.