If the pregnancy ends too soon…

Sadly not every pregnancy runs its natural course and may sometimes end in a miscarriage. Do know that we are there for you if this happens, to guide you and provide information.

What is a miscarriage?

A pregnancy that fails within the first 16 weeks is called a miscarriage. It is during this period that your baby’s most important development takes place. If things go wrong or the embryo isn’t healthy or strong enough, your body will prevent further development of the foetus. This is often a natural but very sad process which cannot be prevented.

How to recognise a miscarriage

A miscarriage usually starts with blood loss. Sometimes this is preceded by an abdominal pain that is similar to severe menstrual pain. It is also possible that your body has not yet rejected the embryo but the first scan reveals that there is no heartbeat. In such a case the miscarriage may still take place naturally. If this doesn’t happen, or if you don’t want to wait, it can be medically induced. Another option is a vacuum aspiration by the gynaecologist. We will discuss all these options extensively with you and will support you during this difficult phase.

Questions about miscarriage?

If you are pregnant and have experienced one or more miscarriages in the past, you may feel quite insecure. You can always come to us with your questions and doubts, either by phone or during a consultation. We may not be able to prevent a miscarriage but we will do everything we can to give you enough confidence to help you get through this special and sometimes intense period.

Vaginal blood loss

If you experience vaginal blood loss in the first months of the pregnancy, it doesn’t always mean that you are about to miscarry. Do you have any questions or concerns? Call us.

After a miscarriage

How the body recovers after a miscarriage depends on many factors. Apart from the physical side of things, there is also the emotional recovery, for which time and space is often needed. You can come to us with all your questions about both physical and emotional recovery and the possibilities of a next pregnancy. You can come alone or with your partner. Call us if you have questions.

Call us if you have questions after a miscarriage.