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Unfortunately, not every pregnancy proceeds as hoped and some can end in miscarriage. We are here to support you and provide information.

Questions about miscarriage?

If you are pregnant and have experienced one or more miscarriages, you will certainly have many questions. You can direct your questions and concerns to us, either over the phone, or at your first consultation. We cannot prevent it, but we will do all we can to provide reassurance that you will make it through this challenging time successfully.

Vaginal blood loss

Are you experiencing vaginal blood loss during the early months of pregnancy? That does not necessarily signify miscarriage. Do you have questions nevertheless, or are you concerned? Then call us, or read this online brochure about vaginal blood loss in the early months of pregnancy.

After the miscarriage

A number of factors determine how the body recovers after a miscarriage. Apart from physical recovery, time and space is necessary for emotional recovery. You can always come to us – alone or with your partner – with any questions about both physical and emotional recovery and the likelihood of becoming pregnant again. Call us if you have any questions.