Natural childbirth

Natural childbirth, without any unnecessary interventions, is safer. Furthermore, it is almost always possible. We have confidence in the natural birthing process and the power of your body. During the many pregnancy consultations we will do our utmost to instil the same confidence in you so that you can give birth at the end of those nine months in a way that suits you best. We will help you during the preparation for the delivery and the delivery itself.


A good preparation will help you and your partner enter the delivery phase more calmly and handle it better. This is why we will ensure that you are properly informed, through free information evenings and useful workshops, and by providing you with all the information you need. We will do this during the consultations but you can also find the information on this website.

Outpatient or hospital birth

A home birth is great and very convenient if it is possible. However, if you don’t want this you could opt to give birth in an outpatient clinic. The delivery will start at home and together with you we will determine the best time to proceed to the outpatient clinic. This is possible in all hospitals in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. We will be there, to guide your through the delivery at the hospital. If a home birth is not possible because you have a medical indication, or if you receive an indication due to complications during a home birth, we will pass you on to a gynaecologist who will take good care of you.

Our guidance

We are there for you during the delivery. We will help you with what you need at that moment and will keep an eye on your health and that of your baby. This allows you to give birth in the way that suits you best. Which way? That is different for everyone, but we will be led by you, your body and your child. As a result you will be able to look back on the delivery with a good feeling once your baby has been born safely.

Always a trusted midwife at your delivery

We love the work we do and we love our clients. This means that we also arrange our own backup, so we will not engage an unknown midwife if we are suddenly confronted with multiple emergency indications. If this happens, one of the midwives from our own clinic will take over. In this way you will always have a trusted midwife present at your delivery. Someone who knows you. That’s a comforting thought, isn’t it?

More information on giving birth in Amsterdam

Do you want to know more about the options of giving birth in Amsterdam? Please feel free to put your questions to us or make an appointment for a first consultation at our midwifery clinic in Amsterdam-Zuid. We look forward to meeting you!

We love our work and our clients.

There is always a midwive at your birth who you already know. And who knows you.

I want to give birth with your guidance