From pregnancy test to maternity period

You can count on our guidance as soon as you register with us. During the pregnancy we provide guidance through the consultations and this continues up to and including the maternity period and beyond. During pregnancy we check the progress of the pregnancy and the development of your child. We are there for you to answer all your questions and to give you increasing confidence in the power of your own body. During the maternity period we perform check-ups on you and your baby.

Guidance during pregnancy and delivery

Guidance during the delivery

The guidance during the delivery starts as soon as you or your partner inform us that the contractions have started or your waters have broken. From then on we will regularly be in contact. How often and when depends on the speed at which the delivery progresses and what you find pleasant. At some point we will come to your house. When we do this depends on the progress of the delivery. As soon as it is necessary, we will stay with you to guide you through the last phase of the delivery.

Appropriate and necessary care

The form the guidance takes in practice varies per delivery. Different women and different bodies require different care. If you want us to hold your hand and puff along with you, that’s what we’ll do. If you become completely introverted, we will give you the space to do that. And if you are at a loss and don’t know what to do and what is possible, you can count on us to restore your confidence and help you get through this. No matter what, we will provide the care that you need while monitoring your health and that of your baby.

At home or in the hospital? We will arrange it

You may have decided in advance that you want to give birth in the hospital. We will arrange this for you during the delivery and accompany you to the outpatient clinic. Or perhaps you don’t want to be moved and prefer to stay at home. That’s fine too, unless there are signs that additional medical care may be required. In that case you will have to go to the hospital, where you will be placed under the care of a gynaecologist. If this should happen, we will obviously arrange everything for you and ensure the best possible guidance.

Hire us to provide guidance if a medical indication is given

If could be that, prior to the delivery, there is a medical indication for you to give birth in the hospital under the care of a gynaecologist. In that case we won’t be present to guide you through the delivery, but you could hire us to attend. Tell us in advance and we will discuss the various options with you.

Do you want personal care and guidance during delivery?