Pregnancy questions

Everything you want to know about your pregnancy

You will probably have a lot of questions during your pregnancy. We will answer some of those here, but we prefer to answer most questions in person. Ask them during a consultation or contact us if there is something you would like to know about your pregnancy. We’re happy to help!

Can I still practice sport when I’m pregnant?

You certainly can, although not everything is still possible or sensible. See Lifestyle for an extensive explanation or just ask us at your next consultation.

What is a hard belly?

With a hard belly the uterus contracts. The uterus is a muscle that contracts throughout the pregnancy. Usually this is not serious and is just a bit annoying. However, if it happens regularly and is becoming painful, it is important to take things easier for a while and to contact us.

When will I feel the baby move for the first time?

You usually feel your baby move for the first time between 18 and 22 weeks. This may happen earlier if you have been pregnant before. If you don’t feel the baby halfway through the pregnancy, don’t be alarmed straight away. The placenta could be lying against the front wall of the uterus, preventing you from feeling any movement until later.

How much weight will I gain during my pregnancy?

You will gain weight during a pregnancy but how much cannot be determined beforehand. It is however very important to make sure that you don’t gain too much. What may be considered a normal weight increase for you depends on a number of factors. We will discuss this with you during the consultation. If necessary, or if you would like us to, we will arrange a visit to our own dietician or we could discuss it with her on your behalf.

I’d like to lose weight, can I do that when I’m pregnant?

It is better for you and your baby to not diet during a pregnancy. However, if you were already overweight before becoming pregnant, it would be wise to monitor your weight. We can discuss what this means for you during a consultation.

Can I still visit the sauna?

You can visit the sauna during your pregnancy, but do take into account that you may not be able to withstand heat as well as before. It is therefore wise to not stay too long or get too hot and to avoid alternating baths. You should also consider that now your blood pressure is lower, the chance of fainting in the sauna will increase.

Is an anaesthetic at the dentist safe during my pregnancy?

A local anaesthetic is not a problem but do let your dentist know that you’re pregnant in good time.

What should or shouldn’t I eat during my pregnancy?

During the consultations we will tell you everything about any additional nutrients you need and what you should avoid. You can find a useful overview on this topic on our website under Lifestyle.

I just found out that I’m pregnant. When can I contact the midwife?

You can call our midwifery clinic as soon as your pregnancy test is positive. We will immediately make an appointment for the first consultation.

Should my partner attend each consultation?

It’s up to you . It’s not a problem if your partner can’t always make it, but do know that your partner is always welcome! It would be very useful if he/she could attend the first consultation though. And we recommend that you both attend an information evening. In this way your partner will know what to expect and what we expect from him/her.

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