Maternity period

The first days after the delivery

During the maternity period, the first 8 days after the birth, we will regularly visit you to check up on you and your baby. If you gave birth in hospital under the guidance of a gynaecologist, we will handle the postnatal care.

Maternity nurse

A maternity nurse will provide assistance during the maternity period. During the delivery and the days that follow, she will be indispensable and will be your first point of address if you have any questions. If matters don’t proceed as expected, she will always call the midwife. We will remain closely involved and will stay responsible.

Maternity aids

During the maternity period there are all sorts of useful aids available specifically intended for this period. It would make sense to rent them as they are fully covered by your health insurance. You can order these items online in the Duxxie webshop and they will be delivered to your home address free of charge.

Help and advice when breastfeeding

If you want to breastfeed, you can direct all your questions to lactation expert Myrte van Lonkhuijsen, who is associated with our midwifery clinic. She will provide extra guidance when breastfeeding, arrange breastfeeding information evenings and provide invaluable support if you have any questions or insecurities during the maternity period and the subsequent months.

Your midwife, also during the maternity days

As your midwife, we will have final responsibility during those first 8 days after the delivery. On around the 5th day, a nurse from the baby clinic will visit you at home to do a blood spot test on your baby. If you have any questions during the maternity period you can always reach us on mobile number +31 (0)6-54620724. And we will of course remain available for any complaints or concerns relating to the pregnancy or delivery after this period. This emotional care continues even though the obstetric care has come to an end. This care relates to everything concerning motherhood, such as questions and concerns about returning to work, which type of coaching is available and so much more.

For personal care during the maternity period