Personal care before, during and after pregnancy

Have you just found out you are pregnant, do you want to become pregnant or are you faced with an unplanned pregnancy? The midwives in our clinic in Amsterdam-Zuid are always ready to offer you personal care and attention. Why? Because we are here to guide you through this special period. No matter what happens.

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Confidence in your body

We believe in the power of the female body. We are confident that you will be able to complete the pregnancy and give birth naturally in a way that works best for you. We will help by providing guidance before and during the delivery. As we will meet on a regular basis, we will get to know each other better each time. In this way we can give you confidence in your body and in everything you do. We will provide care on every level and always with a midwife from our own clinic.

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Always a trusted midwife at your delivery

At Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid you will always deal with a trusted midwife who takes the time to see you and listen to you. We are never on call while we hold consultations to avoid the risk of being called away during a consultation. We also arrange our own back-up, which means that when you are about to give birth, one of us will always be there to guide you. Because you have met all of us during the consultations, and because the entire team is familiar with your case, there will always be a familiar face at your delivery.

Personal care geared to your wishes

The personal care we offer is geared towards the care you want and need. If you want support during the delivery, we can provide this. And if you have to go to the hospital because of a medical indication, where your care will be transferred to a gynaecologist, we can continue to support you during the delivery if you specifically hire us for this.


Guaranteed high quality

We guarantee that pregnant women will receive high-quality care from us. Every midwife has years of experience and is passionate about giving you the chance to become parents in the best possible way, with the best possible care. We have learned to be sensitive to what you and your body need. We follow the natural process and work towards a delivery that you will be able to look back on with a sense of satisfaction.

Information evenings and workshops

Obviously a good preparation will give you plenty of confidence in yourself and in what’s to come. This is why we offer various information evenings and interesting and useful workshops, organised either by us or by partners we gladly recommend. Check out our website to find out when these events take place and which ones would be interesting to you. We will also inform you about these during your consultation.

Two locations in Amsterdam-Zuid

You can find the midwives of our clinic at two locations in Amsterdam Zuid: at Churchillaan and Willemsparkweg. You select the most convenient location for you and we will meet you there during the consultations. Let’s get acquainted!