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The desire to conceive

Are you not yet pregnant but looking to conceive and have questions? Ask us! As midwives, we are here for you before pregnancy too.

You’re pregnant! Now what?

You can contact us just 4 weeks into pregnancy. Have you just had a positive pregnancy test? Then call us for your first appointment!

Midwife consultations

During your pregnancy, you will have regular consultations with our midwives in Amsterdam-Zuid for regular monitoring and to prepare you for childbirth.

Pregnancy-related questions

You can of course raise all your queries about pregnancy during your consultations with us. Need to know something straight away? Then call us. We have also listed a number of FAQs on our website for your convenience.

Lifestyle during pregnancy

Would you like guidance about your diet and activities in which you may and may not participate during pregnancy? Then ask our midwives or check our website.


We are also here for you if your pregnancy does not go as planned, either after a miscarriage or should you have queries and concerns before and during a subsequent pregnancy.

External cephalic version for breech babies

If your baby is in the breech position, you can consider an external cephalic version to turn the baby. Our practice has a high success rate of 75%. We will provide you with comprehensive information in advance about how the procedure works and the risks involved.

Useful information

We have listed numerous websites and books for pregnant women and new parents.