Workshops & courses

Preparing for the delivery and after

If you want to be better prepared for the delivery and the postnatal period, you could follow these workshops in addition to our free information evenings. They are given at our locations by our partners in collaboration with us. We will also mention a number of workshops here that may be of interest to you but that we are not involved in. These workshops are given at various locations throughout Amsterdam. These workshops are not free of charge.

Pregnancy course witt hypnobirthing (Dutch)

First aid on infants and children (Dutch)


Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen automatically. This workshop will teach you what to do in order to start feeding your child as effectively and as pleasantly as possible. You will also learn to recognise the signs if there isn’t enough milk and what is considered normal baby behaviour. It would be useful to follow this workshop together with your partner so that he/she knows how to help in this respect. This workshop is given by lactation expert Myrte van Lonkhuijsen at our midwifery clinic.

Important info

  • To be attended after 30 weeks of pregnancy
  • Costs: €25.00 per mother-to-be
  • Location: Online
  • Additional info: every first Monday of the month from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, also in English.

Pelvis & Pregnancy

During the pregnancy your body experiences drastic changes, putting extra stress on your pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. In this workshop Fabiana di Mango, remedial therapist and Mensendieck therapist, will teach you how to handle this better. She will also share practical tips that you could apply straight away. After this workshop you will be able to bear your pregnancy literally as well as figuratively!

Important info

  • To be attended at any desired time during the pregnancy
  • Costs: €25.00 per mother-to-be
  • Location: Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid – Churchilllaan 41
  • Additional info: every first Monday of the month from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, also in English.


This is a complete pregnancy course for you and your partner where you learn breathing techniques and discuss the role of your partner, and during which positions, visualisations, affirmations and much more are addressed. It is a positive and at the same very realistic preparation for the delivery.

Important info

  • 4-week course or 1 full-day course
  • To be attended between 28 – 33 weeks of pregnancy
  • Location: various places in Amsterdam
  • Additional info: this workshop is given by MOM & Co. You can find more info and current course dates on their site.

First Aid for infants and children

We find it essential that you, as young parents, are properly prepared. For this reason we recommend this First Aid course specifically for infants and children. Register via the link below and follow the course at a discount.

Check out the schedule of our information evenings!

In the monthly schedule below, you can reserve a spot for workshops/information evenings that will be held at our practice. You can register for 6 workshops through our site:

  • Get to know your baby evening NL: will be given online – Availibility for 12 couples
  • Recovery from childbirth NL: is given at the practice – Availibility for 15 couples
  • Nutrition evening NL + ENG: will be given at the practice again – Availibility for 10 couples (the cost for this workshop is €25 per pregnant couple)
  • Pelvic workshop NL: will be given at the practice – Availibility for 20 people (the cost for this workshop is €20 per person)
  • Information evening childbirth NL + ENG: online, a few days in advance you will receive a youtube link with the film and at the time of the workshop we will start a Zoom meeting, so you can ask questions about the film
  • Breastfeeding Evening NL + ENG: online, this course will be given through a Zoom meeting at the mentioned time.


If you have made a reservation but are unable to attend, please let us know in good time. You can cancel your reservation via the link you received after registering. If you have lost the link, call or email our clinical assistants so that they can cancel your reservation.