Unplanned pregnancy

Personal care during your pregnancy, even if it was unexpected

You may unexpectedly become pregnant even if you used contraception. There are many questions and doubts with every pregnancy, but if you never expected to get pregnant at all you are bound to have loads of questions. Whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, we will always welcome you. Call to make an appointment. We will always provide personal care.
Button: Honest and clear help, without prejudice and taking your wishes into account

For a well-considered decision

An unplanned pregnancy immediately throws you into a world for which you are not prepared. You may never have considered the question of whether you want children and perhaps you and your partner have never discussed it before. Or perhaps you don’t have a partner and wonder how to deal with this. Before you can make a choice on how to proceed, it is good to calmly weigh the pros and cons. This will help you make a well-considered decision. We will help you – by being honest, clear and unprejudiced and by taking your wishes firmly into account.

Unwanted pregnancy?

Unplanned doesn’t always mean unwanted, although sometimes it does. Is your pregnancy unwanted? Just ask us what you want to know. We will discuss the options with you and can put you in touch with other care providers if you wish to abort the pregnancy, for example.

We are ready for you

You can still visit a midwife, even if your pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted. An entire team is ready to help you at our midwifery clinic in Amsterdam-Zuid. We will listen to your story, inform you, answer your questions and help with the subsequent steps, no matter what you decide to do. Call us and we will quickly make an appointment.

Honest and clear help, without prejudice and with room for your wishes