Where to deliver?

Giving birth in and around Amsterdam

If you opt for Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid you can be sure of delivering your baby somewhere in or around Amsterdam. We collaborate with all hospitals in Amsterdam and the region and will come to your home for a home birth if you live in Amsterdam.

Home birth

We strongly believe in the power of every woman to have a natural birth, without any unnecessary interventions that could lead to further complications, and without unnecessary pain relief. This doesn’t mean that every delivery is easy, but we will be there to help you through it and provide all the guidance you may need. During the entire delivery process we will carefully monitor your health and that of your child. And if you need to go to the hospital or if you would prefer to, we can arrange that in no time at all.

Outpatient birth

If you opt for an outpatient birth, it means that there is no medical necessity to deliver your baby in a hospital. You may have to pay a financial contribution. In this situation the delivery starts at home and when we both decide that it is time to go to the outpatient clinic, we will arrange this for you at one of the hospitals in Amsterdam or the surrounding area. We will obviously be guided by your preference here, but it is possible that your preferred clinic may not have any available space. We will accompany you to the outpatient clinic and stay with you until your child is born.

Hospital birth

If you have to give birth in hospital, it is on the basis of a medical indication. This may be evident prior to the delivery, but the necessity to go to hospital may only emerge during labour. In the event of a medical indication, the healthcare insurer will cover everything. You will also be placed under the care of a gynaecologist. If we transfer the care during the delivery, we may still stay with you until your child is born. This depends on the time of the transfer. If you are already with a gynaecologist before the delivery starts, we will not be there, unless you specifically hire us for this. In that case, call us as soon as the delivery starts or is scheduled.

Do you want to give birth in or around Amsterdam?