Why opt for Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid?</

5 good reasons

Why would you opt for the obstetric care of our clinic in Amsterdam-Zuid? We can give you five very good reasons for that.

1. Personal care

At our clinic you will be assigned a regular midwife. You will receive all the time and attention you could wish for and the care you require. You will also get to know all the other midwives to ensure that you will still receive guidance from someone you know and who is aware of your wishes and situation if your regular midwife is not available when you start your delivery.

2. Passion

Every midwife at our clinic does her work with great sincerity and passion. This is why we arrange our own back-up, we are ready for you night and day, and we will gladly go the extra mile to guide you and give you confidence in your own body and ability.

3. Confidence

We have confidence in the natural process, in the power of the female body and in the choices you make, even if you still lack that confidence. During your pregnancy we will help you build your confidence so that you can have a natural birth if you wish.

4. Experience

We are very sensitive as to what you and your body need during the delivery. This is something that can only be learned through years of experience. We have that experience and that sixth sense, allowing us to give you unique guidance and support that you will be aware of but that is almost impossible to explain.

5. Comprehensive care

We offer you comprehensive obstetric care. We will also provide all the necessary additional care, such as scans, information evenings and workshops. Should you require alternative expertise, we have access to the best care provided by the specialists in our network. We will arrange those contacts and appointments for you. Comprehensive care, either from us or from our partners.

Personal meeting

Personal care obviously starts with a personal meeting. This can be arranged. Call us to make an appointment to become acquainted, ask questions or arrange an initial pregnancy consultation. You can find us at two locations in Amsterdam-Zuid. We hope to see you soon!

I choose Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid!