Our team of midwives in Amsterdam-Zuid

The midwives of Amsterdam-Zuid

Five midwives are ready to help you in two clinics in Amsterdam-Zuid. We are all fully trained midwives, we all find each delivery special, and we all love our varied work that allows us to travel around Amsterdam and visit you at home. We are there to guide you and give you self-confidence during the pregnancy and delivery. We would like to introduce ourselves here to give you an idea of who we are. We hope to meet you in person at our clinic!

The midwives of our practice

Tineke van Schuppen
Tineke van SchuppenMidwive since 2003
Giving women self-confidence, making them aware of their power and preparing them for motherhood is the essence of being a midwife, according to Tineke. As a midwife in heart and soul, she cannot imagine ever doing anything else. In addition, as the owner of this partnership she is active in policy-related affairs and is committed to improving obstetric care in Amsterdam, among other things. She has three children, Mees, Marie and Dirck, but she is a natural when it comes to balancing family life with the demands of always being available as a community midwife and wanting to be close to the women.
Suzanne de Reijke
Suzanne de ReijkeMidwive since 2005
Suzanne was four when she saw her mothing giving birth to her little sister. It was obvious to her from that moment on that she was going to be a midwife. A decision that still applies today. ‘This is who I am,’ says Suzanne. ‘No matter when they call me I make sure to get there as quickly as possible.’ Together with Tineke, Suzanne is co-owner of this partnership. With Verloskundigen Amsterdam Zuid they have created an accessible clinic where women can always go with any concerns they may have. This is how Suzanne gets to know her clients, developing that bond that gives pregnant women greater confidence in their own abilities. Suzanne has two daughters, Amèlie and Rozalie.
Ingrid de Graaf
Ingrid de GraafMidwive since 2003
Ingrid completed her midwife training at the Erasmus Hogeschool in Brussels and has specialised as sonographer. The medical aspect and working according to proven methodologies, combined with the fascinating experience of childbirth and the diversity of the profession, is what appeals most to Ingrid. Ingrid is always very level-headed and calm during a delivery, without attracting attention. She will guide the client and give her all the space and support she needs in order to fully utilise her inner strength. Ingrid is a mother as well and has three children, Inès, Zaina and Kenza.
Jennie van den Boer
Jennie van den BoerMidwive since 2013
Jennie is very pleased to be able to meet new parents and to inform them about the exciting period that awaits them.

She finds it a challenge to adjust to tailor her care as well as possible to every personal situation so the client can make the best choice for their situation. She likes giving confidence to expectant parents so that they believe in their own abilities.

It gives her great satisfaction to be present at the start of a new family!

Jennie became a mother to son Robbie in December 2021.

Romy Fessl
Romy FesslMidwive since 2018
Being pregnant, giving birth and becoming parents are many ‘life changing events’ in a relatively short period of time. Romy likes to create a situation where parents feel they can discuss everything and have personal guidance, very important.

Being next to the parents and forming a team together, that’s what Romy believes in. Openness, calmness and the necessary humor are her strengths.

The clinical assistants

Mirjam Pol
Mirjam PolClinical assistant since 2007
Mirjam joined the clinic after the birth of her daughter Guusje. As clinical assistant she is the first point of contact for the clients – a role that gives her great satisfaction. ‘I am often one of the first people to be told about a pregnancy. This is a very special moment that definitely deserves my time and attention.’ It is this commitment that enables Mirjam to really make women feel welcome. ‘I always enjoy going to work each day.’

Ilse Westmaas–Schouten
Ilse Westmaas–Schouten Clinical assistant since 2011
After a career in media, Ilse made the switch to midwifery. This work was easy to combine with being a mum to new-born daughter Ulla, but it also greatly appealed to her after having experienced childbirth herself. Ilse still finds it very special to be involved in this beautiful and exciting time for our clients. ‘I can remember how important those visits to the midwife were to me and that’s why I want to let the women know that we will go to any length and that they are welcome here.’ Ilse still enjoys this, every day. ‘I do my work with a lot of love and enthusiasm.’

Let’s get acquainted in person

We would like to get to know you, too. Are you pregnant, do you wish to become pregnant or do you have questions?