Ultrasound scans

Follow your child via ultrasound scans during pregnancy

During your pregnancy you can have various ultrasound scans, which is great, because these give you a glimpse of your child! Scans are also very useful as they enable us to assess whether the pregnancy is progressing well and how the baby is developing.

Scans during pregnancy

Ultrasound scans are made at certain times during the pregnancy. This usually takes place every 10 weeks. If more frequent scans are needed, the midwife will prescribe this. In such cases the additional scan is based on a medical indication, which means that it will be fully reimbursed through your health insurance. If you decide you want an additional scan yourself, this is usually possible but it will be at your own expense.

Ultrasound scans when pregnant

Ultrasound scans are made during pregnancy at certain standard moments. Most of these will be reimbursed through the basic healthcare insurance, but some are only reimbursed subject to a medical indication. We can arrange the following scans for you:

Vitality scan

The vitality scan is the early scan and is only done at your request. This scan can be done from 6 weeks of pregnancy but it is better to wait until 7.5 weeks. It is a means of confirming the pregnancy. Until 9 weeks, this scan is done vaginally. The vitality scan will not be reimbursed.

Dating scan

The dating scan, or term ultrasound, takes place between 10 and 11 weeks of pregnancy to determine how far you have progressed into the pregnancy and what the due date will be. This scan will be reimbursed.

20-week scan

The 20-week scan is a screening scan that examines your baby for any visible physical abnormalities. If you want, you can also find out about the gender via this scan. The 20-week scan is part of the basic healthcare package and the insurer will cover the costs. This ultrasound is a choice and part of prenatal screening, not a standard ultrasound moment.

Growth scan

The growth scan takes place between week 30 and 32 of your pregnancy. During this scan your child is again measured to determine its development and the progress of its growth.

Position scan

The position scan is carried out to check the positioning of your child. This will obviously take place towards the end of the pregnancy, usually at about 36 weeks. This scan is also at your own expense unless there is a medical indication for it.

Fun scan or 3D scan

The fun scan is not a medical scan but, as the name suggests, is purely for your own enjoyment. The purpose is not to detect any medical abnormalities or check how your child is developing, but merely to give you some time to have a good look at your baby. A 3D scan is also often possible. The fun scan is usually carried out between weeks 16 and 30. Do keep in mind that it is only possible to see your baby in one image up to around 22 weeks. After that it will no longer be possible to obtain a total picture of your child during the pregnancy. This fun scan is not carried out by us but you can always arrange this yourself. The costs of this scan are at your own expense.

Scans arranged by your midwife at Amsterdam-Zuid

During your consultations your midwife at Amsterdam-Zuid will explain about the various scans and what to expect when. If we observe a change during one of the appointments, or if we want to run an extra check, this is a legitimate reason for a scan or additional scan. This medical indication is recorded for your health insurance and we will subsequently schedule the scan. If there is an urgent reason for a scan, we can arrange and schedule this on the spot. As soon as the scan is carried out, we will assess the results so that we can quickly clarify the progress of your pregnancy.

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