Rates obstetric care

Obstetric care reimbursed in full

Obstetric care is included in the basic health insurance package in the Netherlands. All care you receive from us will be reimbursed in full.

What is reimbursed?

  • Complete obstetric care
  • Complete prenatal and natal care
  • Complete postnatal care (the care provided by the midwife during the postnatal period)
  • The dating scan and the 20-week scan (structural sonographic examinations)
  • In the event of a medical indication: the growth scan (30 – 32 weeks), the position scan (36 weeks) and other scans that are necessary at any particular moment due to medical reasons

What is not reimbursed as standard?

  • Vitality scan (between 6 to 10 weeks)
  • Screening test, such as the NIPT, is sometimes partially reimbursed
  • Scans at the expectant mother’s own request

What is never reimbursed?

A fun scan, a scan to determine the gender and/or the 3D or 4D scan are never reimbursed. These are not considered to have a medical indication and are therefore always at one’s own expense.

Hospital costs for outpatient births

If there is no medical necessity to give birth in the hospital, in other words if there is no medical indication, you can still deliver your baby in a hospital outpatient clinic. For such an outpatient birth your health insurance could ask for a personal contribution. The amount depends on your insurance policy.

Want to know more?

If you would you like to know more about the care we provide and the associated costs, please feel free to ask. You are very welcome in one of our clinics in Amsterdam-Zuid. Just call us to set up an appointment.